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Erembald is het project waarbij het allemaal gestart is. Een korte pitch:

Cycling is hot nowadays. Since driving cars has become expensive and traffic jams dominate the city landscape, bikes have become the number one urban transport manner. However, the vast majority of bikes are mass produced and lack an identity that matches their riders. There's too little that separates your partner in transport from any other object you own. A rider deserves better. Much better. A rider deserves the Erembald.

Thanks to innovative laser-cut technology, every single Erembald bike is tailored to the needs and wishes of its rider. The saddle and steer are fixed according to the rider's specific dimensions, thus eliminating the need for a stem and seatpost. Moreover, it comes with a laser engraving of the rider's name, in between the bike's integrated bike lock. But what really makes this bike unique is the remarkable organic pattern, inspired by cellular structures. Made fully out of stainless steel and stripped from all redundant features, this bike is made to last. The Erembald is just what you need to cruise downtown in style.

The flexible laser-cut technology enables small batch production without the need of costly calibers and machines. Therefore the production of the Erembald will be limited to 50 bicycles whereafter a new innovative and exclusive bicycle will designed and “batched” All made in Bruges, Belgium. Farewell mass-production, welcome micro-manufacturing.

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